Amusement parks



Not to be missed is a visit to Oltremare in Riccione. A park of the latest generation, it is next to Aquafan and takes you to discover the secrets of oceans and earth. An educational experience for young and old, play and learn to explore the many little secrets of our beautiful planet. During the visit to the park, you can attend, between one path and the other, many organized shows.



The most famous water park in Italy, expected you this summer, to spend unforgettable days or evenings.
Opened in 1987 and located on more than 150,000 square meters, the Park awaits you with endless attractions for young and old. This summer, your fun and games will be accompanied by the radio voice of Radio DeeJay. At night, the park becomes a very special disco.



Miniatur Italy is the only park of its kind, entirely devoted to historical, cultural and architectural heritage of Italy. On the way through the park, you can see 272 reproductions of some of the most beautiful buildings in the country. On an excursion to “Miniatur Italy” you have the option to go with a real gondola on the Canale Grande in Venice, or to admire the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Also in the park many games for children, to rest between a monument and the other.



A bit further, but no less beautiful and important Mirabilandia. It is considered one of the most entertaining amusement parks in Italy. The park offers, with just one ticket, entry for two consecutive days. There are many, assorted by age, games to ensure fun for the whole family. Among the special attractions the Ferris Wheel and Ispeed that takes you from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in just 2.2 seconds.



If you want to spend your well-earned holiday on the Adriatic, you should take a day to visit the Aquarium of Cattolica. It’s an aquarium, which is designed like a theme park, with numerous tours and activities to get to know the underwater world and its inhabitants. Many fish and marine life you expect, you also have the option to dive in the shark tank. Thrills!